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Cafa can help you by managing expectations and maximizing value while minimizing the distraction and time required from management during the selling process.

1. Appraise the value of the business and determine if it is saleable
2. Help manage your expectations and understand potential deal structure implications
3. Help develop your sales strategy
4. Identify qualified buyers
5. Prepare a short promotional document (the “Teaser”) and a Confidential Information Memorandum (“CIM”)
6. Approach buyers with the Teaser and arrange for the execution of confidentiality agreements
7. Distribute the CIM and obtain Letters of Interest
8. Assist in evaluating preliminary offers and select the ones that can meet your expectations
9. Coordinate meetings and management presentations
10. Arrange the data room and provide sufficient information to solicit firm commitments
11. Assist in a final selection
12. Coordinate the due diligence process
13. Act as an intermediary in negotiating final terms and supervise drafting of legal documentation to ensure the “spirit of the deal” is respected
14. Close the deal.