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A well-executed and integrated acquisition can help your company make a giant leap forward from where it is today in terms of size, profitability, enlarged customer base, extended product range, new technology and skills as well as geographic expansion.

1. Determine initial goals and understand your strategy
2. Identify and select potential targets
3. Prepare a short promotional document (the “Teaser”) describing your company and the type of targeted companies
4. Approach targets
5. Coordinate meetings between you and the targets
6. Prepare and have confidentiality agreements signed by the targets
7. Collect and analyze the targets’ financial information
8. Assess the value of the targets and determine the probability of success of the acquisition
9. Negotiate and prepare a Letter of Interest ensuring that a realistic capital structure is proposed
10. Coordinate the due diligence process
11. Act as an intermediary in negotiating final terms and supervise drafting of legal documentation to ensure the “spirit of the deal” is respected
12. Close the deal.