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Cafa’s partners are always on the lookout for like-minded, experienced individuals who care about contributing their expertise through longer-term relationships with clients.

The firm’s service philosophy is based upon partners interacting directly with clients without the use of junior support staff. If you have the following traits and qualifications we would be pleased to discuss the various relationship levels available to you. Cafa sells experience; therefore candidates must have a minimum of twenty years work experience in the fields of banking, finance, management and/or similar leadership skills.

What we seek

People that are:

  • Autonomous and ambitious
  • Able to prioritize their work
  • Proud of their work
  • Able to thrive under pressure
  • Adaptable to change

Team members that are able to:

  • Identify problems
  • Come up with creative solutions
  • Promote solutions
  • Offer and receive assistance
  • Accept to be challenged

People who have:

  • A critical mind
  • Strong selling skills
  • The capacity to work in a team environment
  • The ability to promote the firm
  • Self-confidence

What we offer

A strong corporate culture based on:

  • A professional and respectful organization
  • An excellent reputation and a strong branding
  • No hierarchy
  • Very little, if any competition amongst partners
  • Unlimited individual remuneration
  • Direct project responsibility
  • Exposure to significant numbers of transactions
  • High standards of quality
  • Tailor-made approach; several relationship alternatives

Our principles

  • Our clients: we will do only what is best for the clients at all times.
  • Our quality: we pride ourselves on the quality of our work.
  • Our values: we want to exceed our client’s expectations.
  • Our reputation: we are proud of our reputation and we intend to keep it.
  • Our teamwork: we foster a team environment where the firm is bigger than the individual.
  • Our accountability: we take ownership of assignments.